When You'd Rather Be Fishing

Welcome to the Calgary's Hook and Hackle Club. Alberta's rivers and lakes are calling and we invite you to join in our adventures.

Fishing Is A Way Of Life

We believe in catch and release, good sport fishing ethics, and fishery preservation for future generations.

Fly Fishing

Why is fly fishing so alluring? Fish are easily spooked. In order to catch one, it requires a diligent strategy, dependent on your knowledge of the river and feeding patterns. You have to pick the best fly, taking into account the time of day, and then cast it to the precise place to drift the fly so that it catches the attention of a fish. And it is all done within the perfection that is nature's paradise. Fly fishing creates those moments that you will never forget.

Fly Tying

Not every fly will attract a fish and you can't catch big fish without the right fly. Our club is fortunate to have a wealth of experienced and world class fly tyers that are eager to educate others on fly patterns and dressings. The club regularly hosts fly tying sessions at the meetings and recordings are available to members.

Community Events

Our members participate in a wide range of community outreach programs. The Club is proud to organize an annual Bow River clean-up and regular fly tying events in the communities in and around Calgary. Our members also volunteer for fish counts and an assortment of other causes.

Membership Benefits

Explore New Locations

Our annual fish-outs are a great place to explore new locations with experienced members.

New Friendships

Meet new people. Our club is comprised of generations of fishing enthusiasts brought together by a love of fishing.

Learn In A Safe Environment

Beginners and advanced anglers are welcome. If you'd like to learn, we'd love to share.

Friends of the Hook and Hackle

The Hook and Hackle Club is the place to build long lasting friendships with other avid fly fishing enthusiasts. Listed below are businesses that support our Club and that we are proud to call our friends. If you would like to become a Friend of the Hook and Hackle Club, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Club Meetings

Regular Meeting Location: The Hook and Hackle Club meets at the BOW WATERS CANOE CLUB 1975 26th St. S.E. Calgary, AB Canada Meetings start at 7:00PM.