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About the Hook And Hackle Club

The Hook & Hackle Club is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  It was formed in 1954 and registered as a not-for-profit society in 1957.

The club is dedicated to the enjoyment of all aspects of fly fishing with special emphasis on fly tying.  Club activities and meetings are designed to encourage people to share their knowledge, stories, and experiences with others.  The club also encourages catch & release, good sport fishing ethics, stream etiquette, and the preservation of fisheries for future generations.

Club Features

Members have access to one of the finest selections of books in Western Canada, as well as a number of good videos / DVD’s. These cover all aspects of flyfishing and fly tying.

A selection of apparel (hats, shirts, jackets, ect.) with the Club logo are sold through the club store.

Members are encouraged to donate flies to the “Fly Bank”. These flies are then donated to various fund raiser’s and organizations such as “Trout Unlimited”, “Casting for Life”…

Beginner classes are held during regular meetings and usually start in October. The instructor(s) will include some of the Club’s most proficient and experienced fly tiers. 

Fly tying demonstrations for intermediate / advanced tiers are periodically organized covering a range of topics and techniques.

Various “How to…” topics are periodically planned throughout the year regarding fly tying and fly fishing. 

The Club organizes up to 5 special fishing trips each year to various locations. 

For a nominal fee, club members are able to register for casting lessons ranging from beginner to advanced. Lessons are taught by professional fly fishing instructors. 

Money raised at the auction helps pay for the majority of club items and events…

Membership Fees

Meetings are every 2nd & 4th Wednesday except during the months of July, August, and December. @ BOW WATERS CANOE CLUB 1975 26th St. S.E. Calgary, AB Canada Meeting starts @ 7:00pm ​REGULAR ACTIVITIES Club meetings are scheduled for the SECOND and FOURTH WEDNESDAYS of each month (excluding July, August, and December which only has our Christmas Social). Meeting starts at 7:00pm. A short business meeting precludes other activities on each second Wednesday to keep members abreast of current events in the fly-fishing world, usually followed by formal and informal fly-tying. There are periodic guest speakers, demonstrations and in the spring a casting clinic for both novice and experienced casters. Due to COVID-19, the Hook and Hackle Club will be hosting our regular club meetings using Zoom. If you are interested in joining the Hook & Hackle Club contact us at and we can treat you to ‘no charge – no obligation’ Zoom meeting. ​VISITORS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!

January to December

Member Discount: only $45/year if paid before December

January to December

Per family with the same address Member Discount: only $60/year if paid before December

Dues can be paid by E-TRANSFER, CASH or CHEQUE

For E-Transfers, send payment to . In the payment description, please include your name and description for membership deposit payment.

Executive Team

Meet the team and see why they’ve been avid members of the Hook and Hackle Club Calgary:

Court Mackid, President

Colin Callbeck, Vice-President

Robert Eagleson , Secretary

David Curtis,  Treasurer

Leonard Wood, Membership 

Brent Fildey, Director At Large

Mihai Bunda, Director At Large, Webmaster/IT