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Government Regulations

Government Regulations Alberta Fishing Regulations BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations BC Saltwater Fishing Regulations Saskatchewan Fishing Regulations Montana Fishing Regulations

Welcome To The Hook And Hackle Club

Welcome to the Hook and Hackle.  Here are resources to help make your fly fishing fun and successful.

Maps To The Best Fishing In Alberta

Here’s some maps to the best fishing places in Alberta … Read More

How To Fly Tie For Beginners

Write a bit more about the video collection on youtube. … Read More

Police Outpost Lake Dissolved Oxygen Levels 2018-19

Police Outpost Lake Dissolved Oxygen Levels (2018-19) The table below (PDF) are Dissolved Oxygen levels measured this winter season (depth column is from the surface down to lake bottom). Despite the frigid February, Dissolved Oxygen’s remained well above a rainbow’s Dissolved … Read More

Whirling Disease

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Watercraft Inspections

It’s the Law! The Alberta Government has recently enacted changes to legislation that will help to protect our provincial water bodies from of the infestation of aquatic invasive species. Effective immediately, when highway signage indicates that a watercraft inspection station … Read More

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Oscar Wilde

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